About Thick or Extra Safe Condoms

Little hard proof, meaning blind clinical trials rather than manufacturer sponsored studies, exists to support the commonly held belief that extra thick condoms (also called extra safe condoms, and sometimes referred to as gay condoms) are any safer to use.

This might sound counter-intuitive, until you discover that:

1. The difference in latex thickness, between regular condoms and thick condoms (extra safe condoms), is measured in microns. A micron is 1/1000th of a millimetre (a millimetre is 1/10th of a centimetre). To help imagine this, the difference in thickness between regular condoms and thick condoms (extra safe condoms) is approximately 1/3rd the thickness of an average human hair. It's a very small difference indeed.

2. A double-blind clinical study looked at the difference in both slippage and breakage rates for condoms when used by gay men. It compared regular condoms to thick condoms (extra safe condoms) across nearly 300 couples. It's conclusion? 

"Conclusion: Breakage and slippage rates were low for both condom types. There is no evidence from the present investigation to support the use of stronger (thicker) condoms over standard strength condoms among gay men. The appropriate use of additional lubricant should be encouraged."

Not surprisingly it’s a controversial topic – not least because marketing condoms as thick or extra safe happens to be a really effective way of selling them to people who are worried that a regular condom might break.

At TheyFit, we don't believe in splitting hairs (literally) over the thickness of the latex. Better to make the condom fit perfectly in the first place. In fact, one clinical study made this conclusion about condoms which don't fit: 

"Results: In controlled, event-specific, analyses of 436 men, those reporting ill-fitting condoms were significantly more likely to report:
breakage, slippage, difficulty reaching orgasm (both partners), irritation of the penis and reduced sexual pleasure (both partners). They also were more like to report that condoms nterfered with erection, caused erection loss, or became dry during sex."

 (And yes, our condoms are very safe to use!)