Size B88 myONE® Perfect Fit Condoms (6 Counts)

Size B88 myONE® Perfect Fit Condoms (6 Counts)

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Revolutionary myONE® Perfect Fit condoms come in 66 different sizes, because a better fit means better sex. Save money by taking advantage of our multipack offers and FREE UK delivery on all orders.

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TheyFit Condoms have been acquired by ONE® and this product will be delivered under the new myONE® packaging. For more information about this change, click here.

Customer Feedback for "B" length condoms:

"Great - loved the length - usually condoms are much too long for me which I always thought was odd!"

"I am finally happy with my penis size rather than wearing a condom that is much too big for me."

Customer Feedback for "88" width condoms:

"I have often suffered condoms that slip during sex, making me worry that it will happen, which leads to performance issues. Your condoms are amazing. They stayed securely in place and I probably put in my best performance for many years as a result!"

"Amazing that this works so well. I was sceptical to start with but what can I say - THEY FIT."

Think all condoms are the same? Think again.

We spend every day trying to make condoms better.

Hundreds of Designs

MyONE® condoms feature a variety of wrapper designs.

Unique Latex Formula

Sensatex is softer than other forms of latex. Softer latex stretches and moves with the body, for a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Advanced Quality Testing

Every myONE® condom is electronically tested for safety, and every batch is vigorously tested to surpass the highest worldwide testing standards.