Size E55 myONE® Perfect Fit Condoms (6 Counts)

Size E55 myONE® Perfect Fit Condoms (6 Counts)

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Revolutionary myONE® Perfect Fit condoms come in 66 different sizes, because a better fit means better sex. Save money by taking advantage of our multipack offers and FREE UK delivery on all orders.

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TheyFit Condoms have been acquired by ONE® and this product will be delivered under the new myONE® packaging. For more information about this change, click here.

Customer Feedback for "E" length condoms:

"I had tried smaller condoms before and found they were still much too long for me. I assumed it was just a cruel trick being played on me. My TheyFit was perfect - thank you for doing this."

Customer Feedback for "55" width condoms:

"I'd like to congratulate you on the most obvious idea ever. This condom fitted like a glove. The first time I have ever been able to used a condom without worrying that it would slip off."

"Thanks for the quick delivery. My condoms fitted perfectly."

"I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH"


Think all condoms are the same? Think again.

We spend every day trying to make condoms better.

Hundreds of Designs

MyONE® condoms feature a variety of wrapper designs.

Unique Latex Formula

Sensatex is softer than other forms of latex. Softer latex stretches and moves with the body, for a smoother and more comfortable experience.

Advanced Quality Testing

Every myONE® condom is electronically tested for safety, and every batch is vigorously tested to surpass the highest worldwide testing standards.