What's new with MyONE in 2023?

"MyONE Exciting updates for 2023!" With two Custom Fit packages overlapping

These past few years have been crazy, to say the least. Here at MyONE®, we’ve been working through challenges related to global supply chain issues. 

For example, condom wrappers use aluminum – which was globally out of stock for awhile so that really threw a spanner in the works. In addition to that, our condom factories were operating at significantly reduced capacity due to lockdowns and other safety measures. 

However - great news is on the horizon! 2023 is the year we’re getting fully back in stock & back in action! We have some exciting updates to share. 

  • We’ve been focused on updating our packaging. We’ll be discontinuing the 6-pack and changing that to a 12-pack instead. The 12-packs are expected to be fully in stock for all sizes by end of July 2023. Then we’ll launch the new 36-packs as well, which are expected to be in stock on the website by the end of September 2023. Hopefully sooner! 
  • We keep hearing that MyONE® FitCodes (size codes) are difficult to navigate, so we've made them more intuitive. To adjust your size more easily, the widths will be color coded and match the nominal width of the condom. The length letters will be in alphabetical order. We’ll work with you to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. 
Small chart that compares the old FitCode width number system with the new one. Widths are shown left to right from snuggest to widest with 45 and 69 representing those sizes respectively. Small chart that compares the old FitCode length letter system with the new one. Lengths are shown left to right from shortest to longest with C and M representing those sizes respectively.

We appreciate your patience as we’ve been working through these changes. Together we can make 2023 the year of the johnny! 

If you have any questions, give us a shout at support@myonecondoms.com.


Size Specialists at MyONE® Custom Fit™

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