TheyFit Case Studies

The topic matter of safe sex makes many people shy away from talking about condoms openly. But you can read about some of our customers' experiences below.

If you've had a particularly memorable TheyFit experience and would like to feature in a future case study, please get in touch.

Chris, TheyFit size O17
Chris TheyFit Case Study
Chris says:
“I always found normal size condoms to be far too tight, while ‘XL’ type condoms unravel during sex to leave a dangling bit at the end, which my partner is not keen on. With TheyFit, this entire problem has been resolved. The condoms fit really well, there is more sensitivity, they don't move around and irritate my partner (initially I tried to find latex free condoms as we thought she may be allergic). All in all, very good - I didn’t think this kind of sensitivity was even possible when using condoms, TheyFit has changed my mind on this matter too!"

TheyFit says:
“Chris’s experience is perfectly understandable – his girth is significantly larger than average and therefore he requires a condom with a larger nominal width. This increased width ensures that the latex doesn’t have to stretch excessively to fit around his erection, which would cut off the blood supply to his penis, but does stretch enough to ensure a snug and secure fit during sex. With TheyFit, he has also found a condom that is the correct length for him (again, above average). It’s great to hear that his partner is also happy with his TheyFit experience!”

Richard, TheyFit size O31

Richard Case StudyRichard says:
“TheyFit has made safe sex possible for me at last. Condoms have previously been a nightmare - the greatest problem was having to abandon attempts to have sex because my condoms were too tight. XL condoms hurt and reduced my erections, not to mention that they left a painful elastic section rolled up at the base. The length of my TheyFit condoms isn't so great as to make a thick roll of elastic compressing the base of my erection – further still they are thin and transmit heat well making them a viable solution. Without this company no options would work. Thanks TheyFit!!”

TheyFit says:
“Richard’s experience is a common one. He is of relatively average length but significantly above average for girth. Since traditional large condoms (marketed as XL) focus on extra length, they do little to address his problem. A rollup of unused latex at the base of his erection merely add to the problem of tightness, which in turn reduces the sensations he can feel during sex. A simple adjustment to his sizing has made all the difference.”

Jack, TheyFit size G31

Jack Case Study

Jack says:
“Your condoms are the best that I have ever bought! Being on the larger scale I have always struggled to fit into condoms found in shops - even XL condoms and King size were no use to me. But when I was told about TheyFit I thought I had to try it. They really are truly amazing and I can now enjoy sex without my condom being too tight. Thanks TheyFit!”

TheyFit says:
“Jack is certainly on the upper end of our measuring scale - it’s no surprise that he struggled to find a condom size that could accommodate his requirements from traditional retailers. As with many customers he has finally experienced the revelation that using the correct size of condom represents.”

Joseph, TheyFit size Z31

Joseph Case StudyJoseph says:
“TheyFit have been perfect! They arrived the day after we ordered them, and everything has been great. Until finding TheyFit I had given up on condoms. My girlfriend was taking the contraceptive pill, but neither of us were happy with this. Unfortunately regular condoms from mainstream manufacturers were just too small and the so called XL size felt no different. Basically, if you strangle something it shrivels up, so I tried to find a solution! I had embarrassing situations, going into high street retailers and explaining that I needed something bigger. The assistants would look at me like I was crazy. Now looking back I am incredulous that these stores, who supposedly have so much knowledge and expertise, don’t even acknowledge that regular condoms are not good enough and can’t offer proper advice. Since finding TheyFit my girlfriend is much happier - we have had some of the best sex of our lives! I cannot recommend them highly enough, and I hope the company gets the exposure it deserves.”

TheyFit says:
“Joseph’s enthusiasm for his TheyFit size is understandable. Requiring a nominal width of 69mm, but having had to suffer regular condoms with nominal widths 52-56mm, Joseph’s dislike for them is perfectly logical. He first tried to find a solution by trying XL condoms from popular manufacturers, but soon discovered that such condoms aren’t really significantly larger in terms of nominal width (57mm vs. 56mm for example, for Durex Comfort XL) - so his issue with a tight-fitting remained. Similarly, his experience talking to established retailers is common one – it might yet be some time before condom sizing is accepted as a real thing!”

Arthur, TheyFit size O21

Arthur says:
“I never knew that condoms came (pun most definitely intended) in different sizes. I thought that one size fits all was the societal norm. I used to struggle putting condoms on and that took something away from the pleasure of sex. Having discovered the website via Reddit and some googling, I soon learned of the correct size and placed an order. The ethics and confidentiality displayed by TheyFit is first class. Never been more satisfied with a website or company!”

TheyFit says:
“Arthur’s assumption that condoms were one-size-fits-all is a common one – condom sizes are rarely discussed in formal sex education, or in day to day conversation with friends. His TheyFit condom size is having to stretch less to fit him than a regular condom does, so feels much more comfortable as a result. An added benefit is that he finds it easier to put the condom on, resulting in less interruption and a better experience.”

Shane, TheyFit size Z21

TheyFit Case Study Shane says: “Sex-ed is kind of lacklustre where I live (it is everywhere, I guess) and I was taught that all condoms were one size fits all. The free condoms we were given hurt like hell. When I realised why regular condoms were a problem for me, it led me to TheyFit. You guys have improved my sex-live from barely being able to stay erect, to something amazing that I've clearly been missing out on - TheyFit condoms are the way to go!”

TheyFit says: “Shane’s observation that sex education lacks the detail for finding your own condom size is common. Indeed, young men are rarely even taught to measure themselves prior to choosing which condom size to use. For Shane the biggest impact on his pleasure when having sex with a condom came from the increased nominal width of his TheyFit condom. His TheyFit condom is having to stretch significantly less to fit his erection, so feels much more comfortable as a result.”

Adam, TheyFit size D17

Adam says:
“My previous condoms had often felt too tight, which meant that I lost sensation or they were even painful to wear if I didn't roll them on just right. Being able to measure myself and order some to match my width has been great - especially with the option to try different sizes at reduced prices to help me get it spot on. The customer service is excellent too - very helpful and friendly and quick to get back in touch. As a side-note, when a girl I was seeing found out I used custom-ordered condoms, she actually said it was an extra turn-on. So that's an added bonus!”

TheyFit says:
“Adam found previous condoms too tight and that they impacted the sensation he could feel during sex - the solution was as obvious as he expected – find and use wider condoms. At TheyFit we work hard to help you find the perfect condom size for your needs, including adjustments if necessary. As for custom fitted condoms being an added turn-on – that’s an extra benefit we are very glad to learn about!”

Dylan, TheyFit size U22

Dylan says:
“I just assumed condoms were supposed to be tight and difficult to roll on, especially the ring at the base, and that wearing a condom meant you wouldn't feel much. It's not really something you ask your friends about, so I didn't know for ages - eventually I discovered that my girth was the issue, but ‘large’ over the counter condoms were not much different. Measuring up to the right size has made so much difference with the sensation that I feel during sex, and they are really easy to roll on. They also feel more secure as they roll right to the bottom of my erection.”

TheyFit says:
“Dylan’s experience is a common one. Very little formal sex education focuses on a critical part of using a condom – that being choosing the right size for your requirements. Since the topic matter is a sensitive one, many men then go years before discovering that the first step to getting a condom that fits & feels good for them is to measure up. In Dylan’s case he requires a nominal width some 12% wider than a traditional XL condom, explaining why measuring up and finding his actual size has been such a revelation."

Geoff, TheyFit size O11

Geoff says: 
“I have always disliked condoms and a friend recommended TheyFit to me. Now I have no problem using a condom – TheyFit condoms are easy to put on fit perfectly. As a result I feel much more sensation during intercourse. I would recommend TheyFit they are fantastic and a real pleasure to use!”

Stuart, TheyFit size U22

Stuart says:
"I had tried other 'sized' condoms before but was always left unsatisfied. Being larger than average has literally been a pain in the past. I thought TheyFit's measuring system was flawless and I’m convinced that this will be the future of condoms. Just as women wouldn't think twice about buying a measured bra I don’t think men should compromise on comfort (and pleasure) by using the wrong size of condom. It is sex after all!"

TheyFit says: "Stuart’s revelation upon using the correct size of condom is a common one. In his case, a wider nominal width was called for – this is nearly 13% wider than a Durex ‘XL’ condom, and nearly 20% wider than a Magnum XL condom. Because his TheyFit condom is considerably wider, it has to stretch significantly less to fit him and therefore feels a lot more comfortable during sex. Welcome to the revolution Stuart!"

Sam, TheyFit size D21

Sam says:
"Buying condoms in high street shops or supermarkets is like choosing a t-shirt that comes in 10 different colours and designs but only in one size. In comparison my TheyFit condoms are like having a t-shirt sprayed onto me so it fits like it was part of you! Even on the internet "sizes" seem limited to 'small' or 'extra large', but with something as important as wearing a condom there is no excuse for it not to be absolutely perfect. With TheyFit I found incredible value, amazing customer service and a product I could get behind and feel secure, safe, and most importantly happy - pun intended. Whether what you require is drastically different to what 99% of condom makers feel is 'average' or like me it’s just a small tweak to your own needs, TheyFit offered exactly what I was looking for."

TheyFit says: "Sam's thoughts about custom fitted condoms are logical and make perfect sense. Things that fit better, feel better. For him it was the slight (but significant) change to the nominal width of his condom, that made such an impact. Remember, if the nominal width of your choice of condom size is too small, the latex has to stretch too much to fit you. In turn, this will make the condom feel tight and uncomfortable. Most men report "I can't feel anything at all" and resort to supposedly thinner latex condoms. Not surprisingly, they rarely fix the issue. A simple adjustment to this critical aspect of the condom's size, as in Sam's case, is all that is actually needed. Here a change of just 4 - 6mm was all that was necessary and the result was immediately apparent."

Andrew, TheyFit size O17
TheyFit Case Study
Andrew says:
"Let's not be daft about this - you are saving lives. Like many guys I didn't look forward to wearing condoms because they didn't feel right during use – I’d had bad experiences and thought that's all there was to it. I used to lose my erection because traditional condoms were so tight it was hurting the base of my penis - I'd also had a couple of near misses where the condom rolled up during intercourse. But then I discovered TheyFit! They’re the best thing - my condom now fits, and I don't mean I “make do”, I mean I am now wearing a bespoke condom that is the correct length and width for me. The revelation of a condom actually fitting is an immense feeling - if you’re one of the many men out there who has experienced one which doesn't then you’ll understand what I mean. Too big too small too tight too wide... it doesn't matter – TheyFit will be the solution for you. Mine feel like a velvet glove :-) and I'm now back in charge, not only of my own sexual health but also my responsibility and duty as a man. Man up, rubber up, TheyFit up!"

TheyFit says:
"Andrew’s experience is a really common one – many men who have problems with traditional condoms just assume that’s how they are meant to feel and continue to suffer or worse, stop using condoms full stop. The solution is extremely straight forward. Erection loss during use is usually caused by a condom that is too tight. It’s a very common issue and the fix is to use a condom with a greater nominal width as in Andrew’s case. Concerning traditional condoms rolling up during use, a combination of using the right length of condom, and the correct nominal width, will fix this. Since most traditional condoms are 8” long, a significant quantity of unrolled latex usually rests at the base of the erection. During use, this material can “shuffle up” the shaft. But when you use the correct length of condom, there is no excess material to do this. Further, with the right nominal width, the condom reaches the base of Andrew’s erection and stays securely in place during use rather than failing to do so when the fitting was too tight.”"

Alan, TheyFit size Z21

Alan says: 
"I used to hate using condoms and often considered going without. They were really tight and this meant I couldn't feel much - I always thought this was just how condoms were meant to be. I tried things like "ultrathin" but it made absolutely no difference. When I heard about TheyFit my first thought was that it must be a joke - surely condoms are just one size for all? It turned out that nothing was further from the truth. The more I looked around the site the more it all started to make sense. So after some consideration I placed my first order and I've never looked back - I actually enjoy using a condom now!"

TheyFit says: Alan's experience is a really common one. Regular condoms are too tight for Alan's requirements - they have to stretch more than is optimal to fit him. By comparison Alan's choice of TheyFit Z21 has a larger nominal width. That extra room means the condom is having to stretch less to fit on him, and as a consequence he feels more during use.

Lloyd, TheyFit size M11

Lloyd says: "Condoms always sucked and I never looked forward to the inevitable question if I had one or not. Since discovering TheyFit I have to say I have forgotten all about these issues and really don't mind if I need to suit up. I tried a few sizes before settling on mine so my advice would be to consider that too if you first size isn't perfect. Thanks TheyFit!"

TheyFit says: For Lloyd the biggest difference would have been length. Most traditional condoms are 8 inches long - much too long for most guys, resulting in a "bunch up" of unrolled latex at the base. This in turn acts a bit like a tourniquet (rubber band) constricting blood flow, impacting sensation and generally causing lots of issues. Most guys complain that they can't feel anything with a condom on - often that's actually the excess material doing that. We love accommodating fitting adjustments like Lloyd made with our unique 50% discount.


  Aaron, TheyFit size S66

Aaron says: "Just seriously impressed with the whole experience. I assumed that condoms were made in one size and that was that - thank you for showing me otherwise! Sex with a condom is fun now and I have no issues around it slipping off which used to be the biggest problem for me. Funnily enough my big concern was how discreet the packaging would be - it turns out I had nothing to worry about as my order arrived in a very plain looking jiffy bag. Great attention to detail and customer service all round."

TheyFit says: Aaron's experience with traditional condoms is extremely common - too much length and width = a condom that can slip or fall off entirely during sex. The length is fixed as you might assume - with a shorter condom - while the slippage is just a matter of using the correct nominal width of condom. In Aaron's case the 66's are a smaller nominal width versus a typical condom, hence why his TheyFit condoms stay in place.

Paul, TheyFit size B22

Paul says: "I have what I like to think of as quite "unique" requirements when it comes to condom sizes - I am not particularly long in the trouser department but I am really rather thick - I've had lots of compliments :-). But this has caused me lots of problems in the past because condoms are just much too long and too tight to be of any use. When I say too tight I mean leave a purple imprint on me after use - that's not a good look. It's a struggle to get most condoms to even fit me and I wish I could count that as a brag but I really can't. I was a bit sceptical that TheyFit would be a solution for me and felt a bit silly measuring up, but I have to admit my sex life has been completely changed by getting a condom that actually fits me - why couldn't I have found you sooner!?"

TheyFit says: Paul might think his requirements are unique but they're shared by millions of men. Traditional condoms are much too long for nearly all guys, and in Paul's case he needed a larger nominal width rather vs. a typical mass market condom. B22 is the right length for Paul and the right nominal width, meaning the condom fits securely but comfortably - and no more purple marks on his flesh either.


If you've had a particularly memorable TheyFit experience and would like to feature in a future case study, please get in touch.

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