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A selection of media articles identifying the need for better fitting condoms, or talking about MyONE® (previously TheyFit): 

"[TheyFit] noticed what tailors here on London's Savile Row have known for generations - that men come in all shapes and sizes - suits, shirts and shoes can all be made to measure. But when it comes to something for the weekend, it's always been a one-size-fits-all policy. Until now that is. TheyFit have developed [66] different sizes of custom fit condom [and] hope to revolutionise the industry."

"A company called TheyFit is about to launch these made to measure rubbers - why? - because almost half the fellas in the country complain the one-size-fits-all type.. don't! Having a condom that fits is important to avoid accidents and unwanted pregnancies.. To avoid embarrassment TheyFit condoms are coded [so that] you can't tell what's big and what's small"


"One small problem for men is to be solved with the launch of made to measure condoms.. customers spare their blushes by measuring up at home.. we've got custom fit clothes and shoes, now we're applying it to something where great fit and comfort are even more critical to enjoyment!"


"The male condom is also known as a sheath, a prophylactic, a rubber or a johnny. It's usually about 7 inches (18 to 19cm) long, but various other sizes are available. A condom that's too small for you can be quite uncomfortable. So a new type of male condom, which varies in length and girth, has recently been marketed. There are [66] different sizes and you buy the one that fits your penis, much as you would buy the correct-sized shoe for your foot!"


  "A recent innovation in Europe has been the arrival of custom fit condoms which are quite literally made-to-measure. You download a fitting kit and find out which of the [66] sizes will fit you the best – there are a huge range of length and width combinations to choose from."


"Rather than focus on gimmicks like ribs, dots and flavours [TheyFit] cut straight to the chase. Make the condom fit you perfectly and it will feel great to wear - just like a tailored suit or your favourite pairs of shoes in fact."

"Viva la revolution!"


"You can get made-to-measure suits and bespoke bathrooms. But what about condoms? We’re firm believers in the mantra: ‘no glove, no love’ here at Cosmo, but how about finding a condom that, well, fits your man like a glove? Condoms get used 30 million times a day around the world (not the same one; that would be just gross) yet a bad fit is not only uncomfortable for your man, but also unsafe – for the both of you."

"When you go shoe shopping you wouldn't pick up a size 13 shoe when you wear size 8. So why do so many men buy condoms that don’t fit? If you wear a condom that is too small it can be very uncomfortable; too large and the condom can slip right off.  Wearing a condom that doesn't fit quite right doesn’t just make sex uncomfortable but also increases the risk of unintended pregnancy or contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Wearing poorly- fitting condoms more than doubles the risk of breakage, slippage, erection loss and difficulty in reach an orgasm by either the user or his partner. Ill-fitting condoms are also five times more likely to cause irritation of the penis."

"Badly fitted condoms do not just reduce the pleasure of sex for men and women - they raise the risks of infection and pregnancy.. men are twice as likely to take the condom off midway through sex due to a poor fit.. ill-fitting condoms more than doubled the chances of them splitting or slipping off.."


Telegraph: Men ‘risking health by avoiding small condoms’ 

"A study on 436 men found 45% had used ill fitting condoms in the previous three months.. these men were more than twice as likely to report the condom breaking or slipping and contributing to difficulty in reaching orgasm.. five times more likely to suffer irritation of the penis.. [and] reduced sexual pleasure both for themselves and their female partner.."

Made to Pleasure - Condoms that are custom fit for every size

"One small problem for men is to be solved — with the launch of made-to-measure condoms. Customers can spare their blushes by measuring up at home with a special chart printed off from the maker's website.."


No lying, chaps! Company sells custom-made condoms in [66] different sizes for the perfect fit

"[TheyFit] has launched custom-made condoms to allow men to find the perfect fit when it comes to contraceptives. It comes after a study last year found that around half of men use ones that do not fit them correctly. TheyFit has developed a staggering [66] different sizes of custom-fit condom - and has even produced a special measuring tape to ensure they get exactly the right size.."

Nursing Times: Ill-fitting condoms more likely to break or hinder orgasm  

"Condoms are twice as likely to split, break or hinder sexual partners from reaching orgasm if they fit badly..  men who used the wrong size protection are five times more likely to have penis irritation and report less enjoyment for both partners during sex.. this group had double the chance of experiencing a broken or slipped contraceptive."


New York Daily News: Many men refuse condoms because of poor fit

"Getting the proper fit doesn't only matter in clothes. It's also crucial in condoms. According to a new study, men are twice as likely to remove a condom halfway through sex if the fit isn't snug. Ill-fitting condoms not only make sex less fun, they also raise the risk of infection of diseases like AIDS and pregnancy, researchers say."


CBC News: Improve condom fit for public health

"Nearly half of men surveyed said they had used a poorly fitting condom in the previous three months, according to a new study that sheds light on why couples fail to use them. These men were 2.6 times more likely to say the condom broke, and 2.7 times more likely to say the condom slipped compared with those who said the condoms fit well"

The Week: The great condom conundrum

"Millions of men are trying to wear condoms that are too big for them,suggests a new study published in the journal "Sexually Transmitted Infections." 45 percent reported having used overly capacious condoms, which are far likelier to slip off or break — or simply be stripped off mid-intercourse. The problem, of course, is pride: Most men don't like buying small- or even medium-sized prophylactics."


UPI: Poorly fitting condoms curb sex pleasure

"Poorly fitting condoms make it difficult for men and/or their female partners to reach orgasm, curbing sexual pleasure for both, U.S. researchers said. They were more than 2.5 times as likely to report breakage or slippage as those whose condoms were a good fit, and five times as likely to report penile irritation, the study found."


Study by condom experts: "If the Condom doesn't fit, you must resize it"

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