Adjusting Your Fit (Size)

Getting the perfect fit for a condom is part art and part science. The measuring step gets us really close, and usually perfect - but there's nothing to stop a little personal preference taking over either. 

Remember, because of where you wear a condom, even a tiny difference in the size of the condom will have a dramatic impact on what you can feel during sex. In fact, just one size code longer/shorter or tighter/looser is equivalent to a whole size of shoe. Our research into condom sizes found that nearly all men tell the difference between adjacent myONE sizes - that's a difference in nominal width of just 2 millimetres!

At myONE you can choose from any one of our 66 sizes and we are here to help with advice and guidance too. Never have so many different condom sizes been made available before. And we know that we're onto something - more than 92% of customers report that their myONE condom feels better than any condom they have ever used.

[For guidance about how to take your measurements, click here]



Getting the length of your condom right is critical for safety and comfort. Too long a condom, and it will bunch up at the base. Not only does this look odd, but the extra latex can act like a tourniquet at the base of your penis, causing tightness. Too short, and part of your erection is going to be exposed - that's not safe, and may increase the chance of the condom being pulled off during use.

At myONE we use letters to denote length, so it's easy to adjust longer or shorter:

Each adjustment is equal to approximately 1cm of length.


Getting the width of your condom right is absolutely critical. Too small (narrow) and the condom is going to feel tight, and uncomfortable when you wear it. You might lose your erection as a result of this tightness, or have difficulty reaching orgasm. Lots of guys say that "they can't feel anything" during sex - this is usually caused by a condom that is too narrow, and it's why supposedly 'thin' condoms don't fix the problem. On the other hand, too big (wide) and the condom is going to be loose. During use, it will slip, or fall off all together.

At myONE we use numbers to denote width, so it's easy to adjust wider or narrower:


Adjusting by just one increment tighter/looser is usually enough to perfect your fitting. But if you felt that your first size choice was significantly too tight or too loose, adjust the number part of your size code by 2 increments rather than just 1


You started with size M17 - to try a longer condom, choose O17

You started with size M17 - to try a shorter condom, choose S17

You started with size M17 - to try a wider condom, choose M21

You started with size M17 - to try a narrower condom, choose M11

Sensitivity During Use

Want to feel more during use? A common tip is to put a few drops of condom-safe lubricant inside the condom. It's something we are told about frequently, both for myONE condoms and standard ones too. The effect can be quite dramatic, so it’s certainly worth considering. You may also like to try out the myONE size that is one size wider than that which you originally measured, as this can have quite the impact too. 

Re-Fitting Discount

At myONE® we want you to be happy with your choice of condom size. Simply use the special discount code:

during the checkout process to try a six pack of the new size for half the normal price.

Still Need Help?
Please don't hesitate to ask - we are here to help, and have become quite the experts when it comes to fitting. Yes, talking about condoms and erection size might be awkward at first, but rest assured we are used to it. There isn't anything you can share with us that will offend us. If your first fitting was particularly unsatisfactory, you are having difficulty measuring accurately, or you simply want us to tell you which size to try next, please email us and we'll be happy to help.