REVEALED: Most 'large' condoms.. aren't.


Most large condoms aren't that large


Do you find that condoms are tight fitting & uncomfortable during use? Maybe you can't feel anything when you are using one? It's an extremely common issue that millions of men suffer. Lots of guys don't want to use condoms at all, as a result.

How about when you try supposedly larger condoms that are labelled things like 'XL' or Magnum? Do the problems remain? That's because such condoms aren't actually that much larger.

Comparing Large Condoms to Traditional
Here are the sizes of some popular 'large' condoms, compared to regular condoms & TheyFit custom fit:

Large condom sizes

Do you see the problem? Traditional large condoms, including those labelled 'XL' and Magnum, aren't actually that different in size from regular condoms. In fact all of these supposedly large condoms still have more or less the same dimensions as regular ones.

Finding out that a condom is too small for your requirements is a really common problem experienced by a lot of men. Indeed millions of men every single day are searching the internet for large condoms and a real solution to their problem. Many of these men think that a condom with thinner latex will help them. But it's not so much that you need a thinner condom to feel more during use - it's that traditional condoms are much too small and consequently too tight. It's the tightness, not the thickness of the latex, that is stopping you from feeling anything.

What is Nominal Width?
The "nominal width" of your chosen condom is critical to making it fit securely and comfortably. Don't worry if you've never heard of nominal width - most people haven't; even though in Europe is has to be printed on every condom box. It measures the width of the condom at or near its open end when it is laid (squished) flat. And to get a great fitting condom, you have to choose the correct nominal width for your requirements (your girth).

If the nominal width of the condom you are using is too small for your girth, then the condom will have to stretch too much to fit you. Sure, it'll "fit" - latex does stretch after all - but not comfortably. That's the feeling of tightness you are experiencing - and tightness kills the sensation that you experience during sex, and generally ruins it. It looks a bit like this:

Condom too tight

The base of the condom is digging into the flesh of the penis - in turn that compresses the blood vessels and nerve endings in the penis, and stops you feeling anything. Often you can't orgasm, and usually you'll lose your erection too. It's why using supposedly "thin" condoms doesn't fix the issue - the nominal width will still be too small, so the tightness will remain.

Why Don't 'Large' Condoms Fix the Problem?
So why isn't the problem fixed by using large condoms, or XL condoms? It's because traditional large condoms, including those labelled XL and "Magnum", are actually little different to regular ones in terms of nominal width. A Durex Comfort XL condom has a nominal width just 1mm wider than a regular Durex condom, for example. That's why they still feel tight.

Remember - using the correct nominal width for your requirements is critical to comfort, because a condom that isn't wide enough has to stretch too much to fit you. That's what makes it feel tight and uncomfortable. In fact our research into condom sizes discovered that the difference in nominal width most men can feel - the difference between enjoying condom safe sex or hating it - is just 2mm (millimetres).

TheyFit Review QuotationThe Solution
The problem of a condom being too tight, or not being able to feel anything while wearing one, is really easy to fix. If you struggle with condoms, even when you try supposedly 'large' ones, and find they are too tight, too short or stop you feeling anything during sex - try TheyFit on for size.

Our condoms are significantly larger than traditional condoms (including the largest condom in the world - TheyFit size G31). It's a brand-new, common sense approach to finding the correct condom size for your requirements.

When your condom fits better, it's going to feel better too. So as well as making the condom fit properly and feel more comfortable during use, you're going to enjoy using it more too. It's really obvious when you think about it.

In fact, we're so confident that you'll absolutely love your new custom fit condoms that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to every customer. If you're not completely happy, we'll refund the entire cost of your purchase, no questions asked. Our guarantee
 applies to our whole range - small condoms, large condoms and medium-sized ones.

We're the only condom brand that can offer such a satisfaction guarantee, because we're the only condom brand that make custom-fit condoms.

But we don't find many people ask for their money back:

You chose to search Google today for an answer to your condom size question. That's the biggest step. Today is the day you can solve your condom fitting for good. And that's a guarantee!

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